A Word of Welcome
> A Word of Welcome

“More important than mere numbers, in contacts with the Mayors of Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče, you will feel welcome and that you are in the right place to make your business successful.”

– Alexander Märdian, German Economic Delegation in BiH


Teslić – At the Service of Investors

Investors in our municipality receive professional support and incentives for investment.

Professional staff at the Development Department provide assistance with necessary administrative procedures. The procedures for investment in our municipality have themselves been optimally streamlined and simplified. The municipality recently decided to introduce very advantageous lease arrangements in the business zone: a symbolic price of 1 BAM/m² provided that the investor retains the agreed number of workers and production activities over a period of ten years. After ten years, ownership of the plot is transferred to the investor.

Our municipality has always had great potential in the wood processing industry in addition to other activities maintained by the hard-working people of this region.


Tešanj – We make the right choices

Today, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in Southeast Europe, Tešanj has the reputation of being home to many entrepreneurs. It earned its reputation thanks to its development to date, which has been characterised by a close-knit combination of a dynamic economy and local self-governance.

The cornerstone of the economy in Tešanj has been the automotive industry, which in the past 40 years has done business with top international companies.
The link with the economy encouraged us to choose the right stuff and recognise what is important for businesspeople and what they need. We implemented comprehensive local self-governance reforms, and in the last 15 years, the municipal authorities have lent their support to the development of infrastructure and the establishment of new business zones.

Today, almost a five thousand workers are employed within these zones, in large part due to the fact that the Tešanj Municipality offers good incentives to investors, and invests in young entrepreneurs.

The Business Association and municipal authorities provide each other with strong support, while the Tešanj Development Agency (TRA) is always at their disposal. The Mayor makes himself available to businesspeople during the day and tries to visit at least two companies every two weeks.

We visit companies when they embark upon new investments, and also when they celebrate their success. This has become a tradition.


Žepče – This is a Place of Hard-Working People who want to make something good

Potential investors are more than welcome and have our greatest support.

The municipality of Žepče has become recognisable for the rapid development of private entrepreneurship. Along the motorway going by Žepče, you see production plants lined up one next to the other. We have been very flexible, doing our best to meet the needs of investors in the municipality, we simplified procedures and charged only small, symbolic municipal fees. At the same time, we also focused on agriculture development.

Our greatest feat and achievement is that Žepče is now a healthy and open environment, people have regained confidence, everyone has equal opportunities to show what they know and what they can do, especially in terms of economic development. Žepče is a place to live and work.

Today, we have every right to say that this is a place of hard-working people who want to make something good.

It is simply worthwhile to work and invest in the municipality of Žepče.