Very favourable conditions for investment
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Thanks to signed agreements and the position of BiH, doing business in Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče means being able to export to a market of some 600 million consumers without having to pay customs tariffs. In line with current legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, foreign investors are subject to the same obligations and benefits as domestic investors, which does away with double taxation.

Favourable treatment of foreign investors:

  • foreign investors have the same rights and obligations as domestic investors
  • foreign capital in the form of equipment is exempted from import duties and other customs duties
  • the rights and benefits of foreign investors are protected from being revoked or rejected by subsequent laws or regulations
  • foreign investors are protected from the process of nationalisation, expropriation, requisition, and other similar measures
  • foreign investors may freely take abroad the profits resulting from their investment in Republika Srpska and FBiH, and are entitled to various other incentives and benefits that facilitate doing business.

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