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The BEAR area is attractive for investment in the following sectors:

  • Metal processing and fabrication industry
  • Production of automotive parts, equipment and machinery
  • Wood processing sector
  • Food production
  • Textile, footwear and leather sector
  • Energy sector and potential for hydro power, as well as waste management and processing of secondary raw materials
  • Tourism and crafts
  • Business contacts in the BEAR area are realized quickly and easily


BEAR is ideal for investment in:

  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Transportation and shipping
  • Subcontracting
  • Outward processing trade and joint investments
  • Other types of business cooperation

BEAR is an exceptionally favourable area for opening branch offices and production plants of the companies that do business outside the EU legal framework, but export to the EU, and also do business for the CEFTA market.
Existing foreign investments in joint businesses and companies with domestic businesspeople are proof of good cooperation and profits achievable in the BEAR area.

Local companies are already present in foreign markets through various partnerships and export, and are open for cooperation with foreign investors.

Companies from the BEAR area have already significant contracts for procurement and delivery of goods and services with EU companies, especially in the metal, automotive, mechanical engineering, wood processing, building and food industry.

When it comes to the textile, footwear and leather sector, this area is favourable for contracting so-called outward processing arrangements and joint investments.
BEAR is very favourable for investing in the energy sector due to its hydro-power potential, coal deposits, and the opportunities in use of bio-mass, waste and secondary raw materials processing.