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The available agricultural land, the geographic position and climate conditions of the Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče area are very favourable for the development of agriculture and the food industry, and especially for food production. All three local communities have a food industry sector that is exceptionally favourable for investment, and some of the most successful investment in the BEAR area are precisely in this sector.


Preserved and unpolluted natural resources in Teslić are ideal for investment in organic food production, and there is also great potential for producing first-class fruit in large quantities, investment in plantation, cold storage, as well as processing plants and driers. A large number of dairy cows and a long tradition of production leaves ample room for branding local dairy products.
Tešanj has excellent conditions for investment in the food sector, especial in confectionery and meat products, as well as bottling of water and other drinks. Mineral water reserves were found after subterranean exploration of Mount Crni Vrh near Tešanj, and the quality of the water has been confirmed by the gold medal it received at Barkeley Springs. The advantage of the mineral water found in the vicinity of Mount Crni Vrh are its extremely low sulphate levels.


Even though agriculture had been a traditional branch of development in Tešanj, in the past few years, apart from the already mentioned mineral water, Tešanj is also stands out in producing and processing: prepared food, biscuits, mushrooms, poultry meat, cheese, pasta and baking goods, etc. Particularly prominent are companies such as: Jami, AS, Biošamp, MADI, Zlatna kap, Dukat, Sinanović, Subašić, etc.


Two thirds of the total 282.29 km² area of Žepče is made up of arable land and orchards, so that the development of agricultural production and food industry, especially the production of healthy food and livestock breeding, holds great potential for investment. Most agricultural land has not been exposed to chemicals in the past 15 years making it highly suitable for organic farming. Fruit growing is an agricultural branch with continuous expansion in Žepče. Apple, plum and pear orchards dominate, and lately raspberry plantations covering over 500 ha have taken the lead, especially since they are expanding each year. Other types of berries are gradually being introduced, including blackberries, blueberries and strawberries that are a development opportunity for fruit growing in the area given the very good yield and good purchase prices. There is also the fact that there is a deficit of this type of fruit in the market, which means expansion opportunities without the risk of market placement. The intensive development of fruit growing in Žepče in the past few years is another indicator of the potential in the food sector of this area. Apart from that, there are also significant natural and mineral water reserves that are under- or simply unexploited, and they are an important resource for the development of the food industry.