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The metal processing industry in the BEAR area is an interesting and attractive investment opportunity. The advantages related to this sector are also characteristic of the entire Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče area and include certain specific micro-locational advantages: Teslić has a respectable tradition of metal industry, Tešanj is already recognised in the automotive and mechanical industry as one of the leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina in producing technologically complex machines and engines, while the potentials of Žepče offer special advantages for the light metal industry. Teslić has a respectable industrial tradition and human resources potential that is certainly interesting in terms of investment in the metal processing industry.


The local company Metal successfully supplies metal components to the German company Siemens. One of the two secondary education institutions in the municipality, the Nikola Tesla Vocational School with some 600 pupils, offers training for mechanical technicians and electrical technicians. This school also offers three-year education programmes for locksmiths, auto-mechanics, welders, fitters, metal cutting processing and electricians. Among the qualified workers currently seeking jobs in Teslić, the most numerous, apart from the auto-mechanics, are the locksmiths, electricians and carpenters.


Metal processing is highly developed in Tešanj and every imaginable metal item can be produced there. All you have to do is come to Tešanj with a diagram or sample of the item and success is guaranteed. Some of the leading companies for metal processing are: Pobjeda, FAD, Medena Commerce, Zupčanik, Inox Ajanović, Kalim, Saračević, KPM, Asval, etc.

The economic strategy at the municipality level in Tešanj is export-oriented, and its results speak to a wider and more global recognition of quality offered by the metal sector in Tešanj: in 2011, exports from the municipality of Tešanj exceeded 33 million Euros in value and consisted of machines and equipment, with an additional 27 million Euros in auto parts.

The quality of the available workforce is a big competitive advantage of Tešanj. Two secondary education institutions in Tešanj offer specific technical competences in electrical and mechanical engineering. In Tešanj, a lot of attention is devoted to local human resources development – improving education and providing scholarships for pupils and students. The development of modern technologies actively applied in companies in Tešanj over the past 30 years was further stimulated by the opening of the ARTECO Wood Industry Technological Centre, and there is also a range of modern vocational training (e.g. CAD/CAM training at the Vocational Secondary School). The results of the Tešanj Vocational Secondary School place it among the best secondary vocational schools in BiH.


The metal industry sector in Žepče has strong growth tendencies with the already existing 12 micro and small and medium enterprises and a 300-strong workforce employed in the sector. These companies mainly design and produce metal constructions and parts, metal items made of cast iron, inox, aluminium (beds, tables, chairs, advertising panels, fences), as well as producing machines for mines and quarries, for construction work and for non-corrosive metal processing. Most companies take their products to foreign markets, which contributes considerable to foreign trade and demonstrates the competitiveness of the metal sector in Žepče.

Currently, the leading company is Profil-Isolation, which has constructed its on production plant run by 50 workers. The main activity of Profil-Isolation is the production of canals and spiral pipes for ventilation, air-conditioning and heating, from pre-insulated polyurethane panels. It also produces and installs insulation for pipelines, and with the opening of the new facility, the company has launched panel assembly and other façade works. Velbos Ltd. situated at Begov Han, Žepče produces tunnel supports, reinforcing mesh, processing of ribbed reinforcing steel, and has its own concrete mixing plant. Velbos was right to start its business in Žepče, and went on to successfully participate in large construction endeavours, including the Republika Srpska Government building, the “Mostarsko blato” Hydro-Power Plant, and the BBI Centre in Sarajevo. Also, there are few tunnels in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia without Velbos tunnel supports. This company employs more than 300 workers.