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The textile and leather industry is another business area with the benefits of quality, and a professional and experienced workforce in Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče.


Apart from its qualified labour force, Teslić also offers and interesting added advantage in the textile industry sector in the form of entity subsidies for textile and leather processing. Low production costs per unit have already lead to a number of investments in this sector, the most prominent being the cooperation between the local Škrebić company with Austrian (Gabor) and German (Lowa) partners in footwear production and assembly.


Textile and leather processing have a long-standing tradition in Tešanj. There are very many processing facilities at the moment, most of which do loan jobs for leading world producers. The most prominent among them are: Alpina Bromy, Napredak, Sockmaker3 Koteks, Contessa, Koža komerc, Conita, Zemi, etc. Alpina Bromy produces 2000 pairs of shoes per day and is an example of successful joint investment by a Slovenian partner and a local entrepreneur. Hosiery production includes an investment by the Italian Sockmaker3 company and annual production that exceeds 4 million pairs of socks. Along with foreign hosiery producers, Tešanj is also home to domestic companies engaged in this business activity. It should be noted that textile industry companies from Tešanj work for leading international brands such as: Hugo Boss, Sir Oliver, Burberry, Piere Cardin, etc.


Žepče also has a long tradition of textile and HTZ equipment production, and there are currently 9 micro and SMEs employing a total of 500 workers. They produce industrial clothing, leather accessories and workwear. This type of tradition and quality of the labour force were recognised by the German company Car Trim GmbH that opened a plant in Žepče to produce leather and textile original seat covers for Audi and VW passenger vehicles.

The leading textile company is Bositex Ltd. Žepče that employs 50 workers, and with the opening of its new facility, will be in a position to employ another 50 workers. For twelve years running, they have been involved in producing medical textiles, uniforms for medical workers, hospital sheets and other textile products for healthcare institutions. Bositex sells all its products on the Swedish market, and after expanding capacities, they plan to work for the Bosnian-Herzegovinian, Croatian and Swiss markets as well.