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This is one of the most interesting and attractive areas for potential investors given that the BEAR area has an abundance of tourism attractions, culture and tradition. There is potential for attracting visitors not just from the larger cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also from the Southeast Europe region, the EU, Turkey and Russia, and from rich Arab countries.

The beautiful nature of the area is just one of the advantages. A rich and diverse cultural heritage, an interesting history of this area as a meeting place where many cultures intertwine, as well as the diversity of flora and fauna and water potentials are some of the advantages for the development of tourism. Rural tourism is supported by the preserved natural environment, clean air and local catering. Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče are also characterised by a rich tradition of crafts and trades.


In Teslić, spa and health tourism has already made a significant step forward with the reconstruction of the Kardial Spa Complex at Banja Vrućica, and its rich offer will certainly contribute to the development of auxiliary activities.


Tešanj offers its visitors cultural, historical and spiritual landmarks, as well as the most healthy food products. The beauty of the Tešanj Old Town is fascinating.


The Žepče area in the Bosna River Valley abounds in numerous places for rest and leisure activities. Žepče also has potential and opportunities for the development of hunting and fishing, sports and recreation, and religious tourism. Given that 90% of the municipality is rural, Žepče is also naturally inclined towards the development of rural tourism.