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There are available land plots with the basic infrastructure in the business zones, with minimal procedures, one stop shop services and significant incentives for potential investors.



  • free plots to expand the zone or existing production plants
  • plot allocation plan is flexible and adaptable
  • for production activities: incentives in the amount of KM 5,000.00 per created job
  • for production activities: subsidised interest loans for creating jobs (for loans up to 100.000 BAM and for a period of 3 years)
  • deferred payment of rent and contributions for constructing buildings in order to create new jobs (obligation to pay starts with receipt of occupancy and operations permit, limited to a period of up to two years)
  • land at favourable rates for constructing economic capacities (1 BAM per m²)
  • minimal taxes and procedures



  • business zones (with basic infrastructure for new investments – BZ Bukva and BZ Glinište – first phase of 18 plots with built infrastructure)
  • waiver of all taxes and local fees under certain conditions for investment in BZ Bukva
    minimal procedures
  • one stop shop services for investors through the TRA Tešanj Development Agency
  • networking, information and subcontracting with the aid of the Business Association – Business Centre Jelah/Tešanj
  • electronic administration (electronic management of data and documents, 5S, CAF methodology, project approach, administrative procedures registry, support to the best ideas, 72 hour call centre system…)



  • land equipped with basic infrastructure in the business zone Polja
  • lower fees for construction permits for production capacities
  • sectors: food, textile, IT industry and light metal products industry
  • professional and expert assistance at all stages of business through municipal services and the Žepče Development Agency (RAŽ)
  • one stop shop services for investors through the RAŽ Žepče Development Agency and the municipality
  • advantages for investors already in the process of investing (e.g. assistance in finding locations,
  • mediation in communicating with institutions, access to databases of producers and suppliers, investment aftercare…)
  • processing of documents within 5 days