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The business environment of Tešanj municipality is already recognised as very attractive for international and local investors. Tešanj’s business excellence reputation relies on entrepreneurs and the local administration, with a high level of modernisation and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Tešanj is also a place of spiritual and historical heritage with beautiful surrounding nature.

An industrial culture has developed in Tešanj with a long-standing tradition in the production of automotive parts for leading international producers. There is also experience in textile and leather processing, as well as specialised knowledge and skills in furniture manufacturing recognisable and appreciated by the fastidious international market. Recently, there has been intensive development of the food industry along with development of bottling plants for the “best mineral water in the world” (Berkeley Springs International Mineral Water Tasting and Competition, USA).

Business contacts with Tešanj business community are easy and simple. Developed business relations with leading international enterprises in the automotive industry have made Tešanj area of particular interest for foreign investors.

Certainly the greatest resource of this area is the knowledge and competences of its labour force. These labour force qualities were acquired over the years through working for local companies that supply leading international enterprises. The existence of local capacities for specialised training, and the costs of labour make this area more competitive than other parts of BiH and the region. Human resources development is encouraged through scholarships for secondary and higher education, the activities of the ARTECO Wood Industry Technological Centre and modern professional training opportunities. The results of the Tešanj Vocational Secondary School place it among the best secondary vocational schools in BiH.

It is particularly worth noting the location of the Bukva-Vila business zone in the immediate vicinity of the node point on the future pan-European corridor of highway Vc, making this zone more competitive than others in the area.

The modern governance of Tešanj municipality is a comprehensively functional service for investors. The Mayor and his team are justified in claiming they know what businesspeople need.

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