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Basic information about Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

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Capital of BiH: Sarajevo (population 500 000)
Geographic position: Southeast Europe, border with Croatia (932km), Serbia (312km) and Montenegro (215km); 44 N, 18 E
Area: 51,209 km2
Population: 3.8 million
Territorial-administrative organisation: Two entities (Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska) and the Brčko District of BiH
Political system: parliamentary democracy: bicameral Parliamentary Assembly (House of Representatives and House of People); tripartite rotating Presidency; Council of Ministers and Constitutional Court
GNI: 13.0 billion Euros (2011)
GNI per capita: 3,392 Euros (2011)
Currency: Convertible Mark (BAM)
Exchange rate: 1 EUR = BAM 1.95583 (fixed rate)
Terrain: mostly mountainous country of the Dinaric Mountain Range with the highest point at 2387m at Mount Maglić. In the north, the river Sava has shaped a fertile valley, which is also the largest plain with interspersed low mountains. The southern part of the country is characterised by karst topography and has access to the Adriatic Sea in the south-west with 23 km of coastline.
Climate: Mountain, temperate continental and Mediterranean
Time zone: Central European Time CET (GMT + 1h)
Internet domain: .ba
International access code: +387

Basic information about the BEAR Area


BEAR Area: Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče
Population: Ca. 130 000(2012)
Geographic position: Southeast Europe, BiH, Republika Srpska (Teslić) and the Federation of BiH (Tešanj and Žepče), northern part of BiH, 80 km from the Croatian border and the Zagreb-Belgrade motorway
Communications/ distances Railway node in Doboj 20 km; river port in Brčko 80 km; airports in Banja Luka and Tuzla 80 km; Sarajevo International Airport 120 km, Port of Ploče (Croatia) 400 km
Local institutions: Local self-governance units of Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče, governments: Zenica-Doboj Canton, Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska, Council of Ministers of BiH
Development Department of Teslić Municipality; TRA Tešanj Development Agency, RAŽ Žepče Development Agency
Religions: Islam, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholicism and others
Official languages: Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian
Topography: Highlands
Climate: Mountain, temperate continental
Number of employed people: 20 160 (2012)
Number of unemployed people: 18 127 (2012)
Number of business entities: 4205 (1685 companies, 2112 proprietorships, 408 integral units)
Leading economic sectors: Metal processing and automotive industry, wood processing, textile and leather processing, food industry and tourism
Export: 376,636,838.85 BAM (1 EUR=1.95583 BAM)
Import: 491,432,253.65 BAM