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“In Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče, the perspective of private sector in local development has the highest value. This is a strong competitive advantage of the BEAR area, the one that significantly distinguishes them from other locations in BiH and in Southeast Europe.”

– (Edgar Schröder, Programme Leader, ProLocal in BiH, GIZ)


Dubravko Sofrić, manager of composite furniture production for Elgrad, Teslić

Elgrad employs 300 workers and is the most successful enterprise in Teslić. It exports to the Asian and European markets – mostly to Holland, Belgium, Italy and Slovenia. It has a wide range of production and services, including primary and final wood processing, production of briquettes and furniture elements. Elgrad focuses on producing ready-made products such as, for example, parquet floors and table legs.

Drago Jovicic

Drago Jovičić, Import-Export Officer, Škrebić Company, Teslić

Škrebić Company, engaged in producing the top parts of footwear, is busy as a beehive. A predominantly female labour force works diligently to satisfy customer needs. Customers are foreigners, because the entire production line is intended for the foreign market. Long-term cooperation has been set up with the Austrian company Gabor and the German company Lowa, but Škrebić Company also produces footwear for the American Army. Production capacities depend on the season: In the spring and summer up to 3000 pairs of shoes are produced per day, while during the rest of the year it is about 1000 pairs. “This is one of the best success stories from the Teslić area.”


Nazif Hamzić, General Director

The owner of the Nord Ent furniture company is the Dutch company Pilat&Pilat Produkties, which is also its largest and most important buyer.
“All the workers and raw materials are from BiH,” says Nazif Hamzić, General Director of Nord Ent. We have about forty highly qualified workers trained in producing solid wood furniture, and our top-of-the-line machines guarantee quality processing. We export to the whole world, but our main markets are America, Japan, Russia, Dubai and the European Union.” Our most important markets in Europe are in Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. We manufacture custom-made furniture, and quality is our main criterion. It is worth noting that Nord Ent provides a lifetime guarantee for its furniture.


Himzo Husić, Director and co-owner of Tisakomerc, Žepče

“Each year we grow all our activities,” says Himzo Husić, pointing out that Tisakomerc has established links with strong, primarily German renowned partners. The business philosophy of the director and co-owner of Tisakomerc is simple: You have to desire and know how to work, surround yourself with professionals who know the job, the market and the language. Tisakomerc was founded 13 years ago and has achieved success in the wood industry. Director Husić points out the good cooperation with the municipality: “If a problem crops up, I’m glad I have someone to turn to, knowing that every problem will receive due consideration.”


Suad Roša, Director of Alpina Bromy

Alpina Bromy is a joint investment of the company Alpina, Slovenia (90%) and the company Bromy (10%) owned by Suad Roša. For years, I worked with Alpina Slovenia as their subcontractor, and then in 2008, my dream came true and we set up a joint company in Tešanj called Alpina Bromy. Today, this company produces 2000 pairs of different models of shoes from the women’s fashion line. Soon, we will be investing in new production facilities. I can say that we have very good cooperation with the municipal administration that has always been receptive to the needs of local economic development. I think Tešanj is special because it has entrepreneurial people who simply know how to do business.


Ferid Ajan, Owner, Bositex Ltd. Žepče

For twelve years running, they have been involved in producing medical textiles, uniforms for medical workers, hospital sheets and other textile products for healthcare institutions. Bositex places its entire production on the Swedish market. The company employs 50 people. A new business hall has been constructed with the majority share from own funds. The owner Ferid Ajan points out he is satisfied with doing business in Žepče and with how quickly permits were acquired for the new facility.


Berislav Jukić, Owner, TITANIC Ltd. Žepče

TITANIC Ltd. Žepče is a leader in welding and metal processing technology. Despite strong competition, especially on the international market where most of its products are sold, Titanic Ltd. has experienced constant growth since 2005, and keeps raising the standard and quality of its products. The owner Berislav Jukić points out that in the future the company plans to expand production and create new jobs. The municipal administration is ready to provide support for the achievement of Titanic’s business goals.


Zoran Peranović, Head of Production, Eurometal, Teslić

One of the more successful examples of Teslić industry is the private enterprise of Eurometal founded in 1999. Its annual value of produced goods is estimated at about half a million Euros. The production plant employs 15 workers, mainly the operators and grinders, who produce machinery parts for lifts at car scrap yards. The goods produced in this plant are sold in the German market.

Izudin Ahmetlic

Izudin Ahmetlić, co-owner, HIFA Group, Tešanj

HIFA Group has been a leader in petroleum products trade in BiH for a number of years. The Group includes companies from different sectors (petroleum products, bitumen, metal products, etc.), but it was created at an initiative of Ahmetlić family. HIFA is not only recognisable as an importer of petroleum products, but has found its place on the business map also as an important exporter of bitumen to regional markets and a supplier to large international companies (e.g. ENKA) engaged in complex project such as highway construction.

Izudin Ahmetlic

Rusmir Hrvić, AS Group

In the past 20 years, AS has positioned itself as an important stakeholder in wholesale and retail, but has also started certain production activities. Today, we have more than 200 own products in our range, including sectors such as: production of biscuits and confectionery products, textile processing, production of mineral water, etc. In the past few years, AS has increased its workforce to 1600 employees with production plants in Tešanj, Visoko and Travnik. Among the acquisitions of AS, the more significant are: KENT (one of the first privatisations of a foreign company taken over by a BiH company), Napredak, Vispak, Oaza. AS has also taken over two thirds of production at Borac Travnik where thousands of men’s suits are produced daily at the Fortitudo factory in Travnik. As the owner, I often say “AS belongs to the Hrvić company and to our workers” – this has been the main slogan behind our company since the start.

Dzenan Ajnanovic

Dženan Ajanović, Director of Inox Ajanović

My father was a trader for many years, and it was probably the combination of German perfectionism in metal processing that I mastered during my schooling in Germany and my father’s trading abilities that helped us become a recognisable brand both on the domestic and the international market. We currently export our products to EU countries, mainly inox products, including parts for expensive yachts. We have also launched activities to construct a new multifunctional factory that will create jobs and increase our productivity.

Аndrej Кajic

Andrej Kajić, Director and co-owner of Car Trim BH, Žepče

Founded in 2007, Car Trim BH is a company under Car Trim GmbH from Germany, one of the leading world producers of leather and textile car and aeroplane interiors. The biggest buyer is Volkswagen. The production plant of this German company opened in Žepče is intended to grow into a representative centre of this group with about 700 employees. Director Andrej Kajić points out the considerable assistance of the municipality in achieving the business plans of the company.